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Indiana Jones
Prepare for emotional and spiritual enlightenment as we look at 7 inspirational quotes from the Indiana Jones Quadrilogy, and the lessons they can teach us.
Best Retro Gaming Consoles to Buy This Year
All gamers have their own origin story. You know, that first time you picked up a controller and you just knew something magical was about to begin. Maybe it was the first time you went to a LAN party with your buddy to play Halo, or when the family opened up a Wii on Christmas morning and played through levels of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. For some of us, it started a little more archaic than that. For us it was going to the arcade and waiting for your favorite game machine and hoping to Thor you didn’t die before you ran out of quarters or tokens. For me it was peeking out of my living room window, watching my dad come down the driveway with that huge rectangular NES box and staying up late fighting with my sister about who got the next turn to find the princess since she wasn’t in the castle or sitting right up close to the T.V. to shoot ducks (and sometimes pretend to shoot that stupid dog that kept laughing at me).

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