Blonde Bombshell Black Canary in Powerful Cosplay

Black Canary is one sultry dame. As one of DC’s earliest comic book heroines, she debuted in 1947 in Flash comics number 86. She’s often been teamed up with Flash and also with Green Arrow, whom she eventually married. The first Black Canary was Dinah Drake, who fought crime incognito with her Gotham City cop husband. During the Golden Age of comics, she didn’t have superpowers, but after crossing over from Earth-Two to Earth-One, she developed the Canary Cry, a high-powered sonic scream that could shatter objects and incapacitate enemies. A daughter was also added to her continuity, and since the Silver Age, the stories have mostly focused on this younger Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance. As often happens in comics as years pass by, the younger Dinah’s powers were described as coming from genetic mutation. In 2011, DC Comics reset her continuity yet again, establishing Black Canary as a singular, superpowered heroine.



Those who’ve never encountered her in comics may have still gotten to know Black Canary through her turns in the television shows Smallville, Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and most recently in the hit show Arrow.

Black Canary is a blonde bombshell (except when depicted in other titles as an African-American woman) whose powers have grown the longer she’s been in publication. Her costume is usually relatively simple, but has a sexy, femme fatale look. She favors dark colors, especially black, and is best known for wearing a black leotard and fishnet stockings, sometimes with a cropped black jacket. It’s a tough look that speaks to the vigilante origins of the character.


Cosplayer Blondiee rocks a fabulous version of Black Canary. The costume is completely on point, but what really sells this is the smoldering look in Blondiee’s eyes. She nails the attitude of Black Canary. Sometimes Black Canary wears a mask, but often she goes without it. Blondiee choses to nix the mask, which is how we see Black Canary in so many of the comics, and also in DC Universe Online. This cosplay is definitely sexy, without seeming gratuitous or ridiculous. What we see her is a strong, confident woman who’s more than ready to kick some ass. Again, so much love for how Blondiee nailed both the look and the attitude.

Photography by Nexus Photography