Juby Headshot’s Black Canary Cosplay is a Stunning Heroine

DC Comics’ Black Canary surely demands attention.  Her badass fighting skills make her a force to be reckoned with, and her canary cry will pierce the eardrums of all those around.  She is smart, sexy, and incredibly strong– a truly well-rounded character that fans have grown to love over the years.  Their love shines bright through the world of cosplay, where fans are able to become Black Canary themselves, just like Juby Headshot did.


Juby sports Black Canary’s black leotard, fishnet stockings, and long, blonde hair just as perfectly as the superheroine does herself.  Juby even shows off her own canary cry, expertly portraying Black Canary in all her glory.  See more of Juby Headshot by visiting her Facebook page!



Photography by Oriol Lamiel