Lana Cosplay Enchants Us With Her Beauty

Lana, known also as The White Sorceress, is a character in Hyrule Warriors. Young, eager, and skilled, she is able to hone her powers of magic to support Hyrule. Using her default weapon, the Book of Sorcery, in conjunction with a staff from the Great Deku Tree, which allows her to summon small creatures and trees to aid her in battle she easily proves herself a strong and worthy ally. Her final weapon is the Summoning Gate, which is a portal used to summon bosses.



Namiine Cosplay really captures Lana’s gentle, but strong nature as she poses with a book on a set of stone steps, surrounded by a beautiful forest. The soft light of the forest really illuminates the gorgeous detailing and effort put into her incredible costume of many fabrics and colors. Namiine as Lana truly leaves us spellbound!



Photography by Benny Cosplay Photography