Defend the Kingdom with Yaya Han’s Katarina Cosplay

There’s no other cosplayer quite like Yaya Han. She’s one of the cosplay OG’s, and is known as much for her extraordinary talent as she is for her beauty. It’s well known that Yaya, as a cosplay superstar, makes her own costumes, accessories, and many of the props. When she uses something in a photo or appearance made by someone else, she’s always quick to give credit.

Katarina is one of the Champions in the hugely popular MMOBA League of Legends. This particular skin that Yaya is cosplaying is called Warring Kingdoms. It’s thought that Katarina’s name is a nod to Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew,” which should tell you something about her personality and ferocity. The skin itself was named in homage to the historical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.”


Yaya is an expert designer, seamstress, and craftswoman. The level of prowess here is professional level and beyond. Though it’s easy to understand how a newbie cosplayer or someone who’s iffy on pattern-making, sewing, and detailing could look at Yaya’s work and feel discouraged, the good news is that she’ always puts up a comprehensive “how-to” on her website. It’s impossible to say which part of this cosplay is the best. Everything is amazing, though, personally, my eyes are drawn to the exceptional knives. The paintwork and detail in them makes them look like collector pieces. Count on Yaya to always follow through with perfect makeup and hair/wig styling as well. Yaya’s work is always beyond fabulous, and it’s exciting to see what she’ll come up with next.