Skyrim Mjoll Cosplay is a Battle-Hardened Beauty

Skyrim players don’t get to learn much about Mjoll’s family, except that her mother taught her how to use a sword, her father was a hunter, and her brother was killed by raiders. Her parents were very close, and her mother would often take her to Solitude to watch the ships. It was hoped that she would follow in her father’s footsteps and become a hunter, but she chose a different path and became an adventurer.

Mjoll was almost killed by a Dwarven Centurion, but through skill and persistence was able to survive and escape. Grievously hurt, she was then saved by Aerin, who brought her back to his home in Riften. Aerin told Mjoll of the corruption in Riften while she recovered. Mjoll pledged to do whatever she could to rid Riften of criminals and misers as a thank you to Aerin. She’s since become disappointed that progress to fix the city is slow and believes the city must wan to save itself before she can do any lasting good.

When the Dragonborn (the player’s character) first meets Mjoll in Riften, Mjoll mentions losing her sword, Grimsever. The Dragonborn may offer to retrieve it for her. If the objective is completed, Mjoll becomes a potential spouse. She can also be recruited as a follower, and if Hearthfire is installed, can be made a steward of one of the player’s properties.

Mjoll is an adventurer on her own terms and has never worked as a sellsword. She’s no fan of dark sorcery and strongly dislikes bandits and the thieves guild. In lieu of material reward, Mjoll would rather do good deeds and earn people’s trust.


Mjoll can come off as intimidating, what with her battle prowess and far-reaching experience as an adventurer, but she’s a kind person at heart. April Gloria captures this perfectly in her gorgeous cosplay of Mjoll. She made this costume herself, using Wonderflex for the armor. April manages to look strong as Mjoll, without looking menacing. The cosplay, scenery, and photography perfectly place in what could be a live action rendition of Skyrim. Little details like dirtying the leather (and even using real leather) make this costume look like she’s come to life out of the game. The makeup and hair are on point, too. April even uses contact lenses to get Mjoll’s look just right.