Alice Madness Returns Cosplay is Madly Beautiful

In Alice: Madness Returns, the titular character, Alice Lidell, returns to Wonderland, which has been corrupted by a new evil. Alice is currently in an orphanage for traumatized children, and seeks out Wonderland once again to free herself of trauma and learn the truth of her past. Wielding the legendary Vorpal blade (in this case, imagined as a brutal kitchen knife), and other fantastical weapons, such as a pepper grinder as a gatling gun, Alice puzzles and fights her way through the madness to pick up memories of her past.

She visits with Wonderland luminaries such as the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter in her journeys, traveling back to the real world from time to time. Through the adventure, Alice learns that she wasn’t to blame for the fire that killed her sister and parents, and is gains the strength to take on the evil mastermind who set the blaze and is responsible for capturing other children for perverted slavery.

Though Wonderland is supposedly “all in her mind,” once Alice defeats her main foe, she leaves a train station into a world that is partly real London and partly Wonderland. As she wanders into this new terrain, the Cheshire Cat remarks that Wonderland is safe…for now.


International model Holly Wolf makes for a gorgeous and perfectly lovely macabre Alice. For her Alice cosplay, she wears a custom latex dress, which really ups the sexy. She’s got the perfect haunted look in her eyes, which is slightly knowing, but mistrusting, and says “we’re all mad here…” The blood splatters are gory in all the right ways. Is Alice really mad? What’s next for Wonderland? And what cosplay will we see next from the incredible Holly Wolf? All these things, and more, will be revealed in time.