A Spunky Cosplay of Launch from Dragon Ball Z

Launch is a female character from the Dragon Ball anime and manga who has a very disorder: sneezing causes her to switch between two very different personalities. Also, her appearance changes from having dark blue hair to light blonde.

Normal, blue-haired Launch is a sweet woman who is pure of heart and loves her work with Master Roshi. She’s also rather oblivious to most of his perversions. When she sneezes, she hair turns into a sunny blonde, and personality becomes that of an angry, trigger-happy criminal. Neither of these two personalities remember the actions of the other, leading to both comedy and consternation.


Goku, Master Roshi, and Kirllin are all afraid of “bad” Launch, especially after she shoots them with a machine gun. They wait on bated breath at dinner when it seems like she may sneeze, and are ready to run away if bad, blonde Launch appears. Somehow, the blonde version of Launch always appears to have a machine gun with her.

Her transformation has come in handy from time to time, such as during the 22nd and 23rd World Martial Arts Tournaments. Later into the anime series, Launch seems more in control of blonde, trigger-happy side, and is less of the berserk, uncontrollable maniac. She’s still more aggressive than the sweet, blue-haired Launch, but that’s what makes her so much funlaunch-cosplay-3Nadyasonika does a bang up job of showing bad, blonde Launch at her best. She chose Launch’s original outfit of green, belly-baring tank top, yellow shorts, cute little sneakers and socks, and of course…the big hair bow. And it wouldn’t be Launch without the machine gun and bag full of cash. Nadyasonika is absolutely adorable, and this cute-but-badass cosplay suits her so well. She manages to look both sweet and totally deadly.

Photography by Estrada