This Marvel Cosplay Will Get Your Silk-Senses Tingling

The Marvel Comic’s character Silk has made a big impact in a short amount of time. She first appeared as a faceless cameo in April 2014 in The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 #1. She appeared several other times – still faceless – throughout that volume’s first story arc. Silk made her major debut just a few months later in July as part of the Original Sin storyline. A title featuring Silk came out in February 2015.

The introduction of Silk put forth another student who was bitten in Peter Parker’s iconic origin story. Just after biting Peter, the radioactive spider also bit a female, Asian-American, teenager named Cindy Moon. Soon after, Cindy’s new powers were realized, but she was unable to control them. A man named Ezekiel comes forward to train Cindy, but six years later he locked up for her “own protection.” Spider-Man learns of this and searches her out to set her free. Cindy is eager to explore New York City after years of confinement in a bunker, but Peter stops her from running about in civilian clothes. Cindy quickly spins herself a garment and partial mask, and tells Spider-Man to call her Silk.

Silk and Spider-Man share an electric and possibly instinctual attraction that’s very sexy. Her powers are similar to Spider-Man’s, though her “spider-sense” is much stronger.


Rian Synnth Cosplay makes an absolutely perfect Silk. These photographs taken by Saffels Photography are stunning. Her costumes is on point and she really nails the look of intensity we see in the Silk comics. This is a bold new superheroine and Rian Synnth has her whole look down. The closeup portrait photo is especially stunning. Our “Silk-sense” is tingling just looking at Rian Synnth.