Dead or Alive’s Marie Rose Gets Irresistibly Cute Cosplay

At All That’s Cosplay, we love seeing incredible Dead or Alive cosplays.  Dead or Alive is one of our favorite fighting franchises of all time.  It is well-known for its roster of stunning anime-style characters that is ever expanding with each new addition to the franchise.  One of the characters that we have grown to love is Marie Rose, who cosplayer Tine Marie Riis perfectly embodies in her cosplay.


Marie Rose has an outwardly adorable persona, while adorned with punk rocker attire that proves she’s sweet yet should not be underestimated.  Tine Marie Riis is just as adorably badass as Marie Rose herself, with a costume that is absolutely spot-on and a radiant personality that makes her photos even more endearing.  Amazing!

Photography by Ookami