75 Years with Oz: a Dorothy Cosplay


The Wizard of Oz is a tale most people know, whether it’s the movie, only the music or even only the story, we’ve all grown up with Dorothy in some way. In 1939, when the movie first opened in theaters, it didn’t become an instant blockbuster. Later re-releases made up for this, and made the movie an international treasure. Today, the 20th September, the movie is getting yet another re-release, however, this is the first time it can be viewed in IMAX 3D. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Dorothy and adventures in Oz, for this one weekend, you can experience her in 3D glory.


Back in 1939 the movie was nominated for six Academy Awards, and won two, one for Best Song, “Over The Rainbow” and another for Best Original Music Score. Several times, the musical has ranked high on different Greatest Films lists, including the American Film Institute’s 100 Years, 100 Movies, where it ranked 6th.

This lovely, and adorable Dorothy cosplay, reminds us that there truly is no place like home. Sonya has done a wonderful job of capturing the childlike feel of Dorothy, and she looks beautiful while doing so. Honorable mention also goes to her Toto, who looks quite cute himself. You can see more from Sonya on her deviantART.

Written by Guest Contributor: DeeKay