Avengers Age of Ultron

90 Seconds of Hulkbuster vs Hulk From ‘Age of Ultron’

Would you like to see the start of the much hyped fight between Hulk and Ironman in his HulkBuster Armor? Of course you would!

Besides being a really exciting clip, it also reveals that Hulk is likely under some spell by Scarlet Witch. This would make sense with other footage we’ve seen in trailers where Bruce looks recently calmed down and horrified. Are all Avengers villains going to try and turn the Hulk loose?

Does Iron Man have enough mobile remote replacement parts to outlast the Hulk? Smacking the Hulk around is one thing but beating him? That’s no easy feat.

Only 3 more weeks! Avengers Age of Ultron busts into theaters May 1st!

Source: Marvel