A Beautiful and Ferocious Catwoman Cosplay

Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi 

An expert burglar, extremely skilled gymnast, and hand-to-hand combatant, Catwoman (alias Selina Kyle) is one Super Villainess many fans adore. Catwoman, so named for her cat-like abilities wears many outfits over the years but always favoring costumes with razor-sharp retractable claws and wielding an assortment of bullwhips and cat o’ nine tails as gymnastic equipment. Obtaining more updated tech has also influenced gear in the more recent times.

catwoman-cosplay-2Photography by Blue Adept

Over the many years, and countless stories, Catwoman’s beauty and femininity have allowed her to take advantage her male opponents. But she doesn’t stop there. Selina has been a favorite to many of all ages and we all have a place in our hearts for this sexy feline thief. Tenleid Cosplay is the purrrrrfect Selina. Her black patent leather cat suit, matching gloves (with cat-like claws), bullwhip, and cowl all pull together to show the hard work and craftsmanship put into this character. And it’s spot on.



Written by Guest Contributor: Jessica Jane