A Bright and Cheerful Cosplay of Final Fantasy’s Rikku


Rikku, the bubbly Al-Bhed and constant companion of Yuna, is best known for her never ending optimism and sense of adventure. First appearing in Final Fantasy X to save hero Tidus from certain death in some ruins, we do not get a glimpse of her until later in the story. Here she helps Yuna and becomes her guardian, promising to protect her on her pilgrimage. She is also featured in the game’s sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, with an updated outfit, but still maintaining the same personality we all came to love. Now a sphere hunter, she once again departs on an adventure with Yuna and new friend Paine that ultimately ends with her helping to save the world…again.


Talented cosplayer Luna Lanie transforms herself into Rikku with an amazing cosplay. Choosing to create Rikku’s default Theif dressphere skin from Final Fantasy X-2, the hair is tousled with a messy look and held back by a blue bandana. Yet, you can still see the beads that are threaded throughout her hair and the braids that are hanging down. The bikini top is perfect. The colors match flawlessly, the design is just right and the straps are black with a buckle. The “sleeves” on her arms are right fitting and adorned with ruffles. The scarf fades from red to yellow and completes the overall look. Rikku is on of my favorite Final Fantasy characters and Luna Lanie not only embodies Rikku’s appearance, but her personality as well, and does it so completely that is amazes me.




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