A Demonically Beautiful Cosplay of Lucy from Elfen Lied


Meet Lucy, demon-born Queen of the Diclonius race and homicidal maniac. After being bullied by humans, she fosters a hatred for them and often kills them cruelly and without regard. She has telekinetic powers which she puts to good use in her slaughtering of “non-horned humans”.


A true anti-hero, Lucy is the main protagonist of Elfen Lied. Many fans adore Lucy despite her apathetic and sadistic ways, or perhaps because of them. After a group of bullies forced her to watch her puppy beaten and killed, Lucy experiences a change and discovers her telekinetic powers.


Houston cosplayer, Ayriath, really brings the homicidal side of Lucy to life with this bloody cosplay. Not only is the costume-aspect of the cosplay accurate, but she nails Lucy’s emotions and expressions in her photo shoots. Lucy is just one of several cosplays that Ayriath has created. She also has Weiss Schnee, Poison Ivy, Lux, and more! Be sure to like and follow her page to see all of her amazing cosplays!


Photography by Purp0Starrs




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