A Fantastic Cosplay of a Castanic from TERA

Castanics are one of seven playable races in The Exiled Realm of Arborea, most often referred to as TERA. TERA is a free to play, action combat MMORPG where skill, timing, and aim truly matter.

In TERA lore, Castanics inspire more conflicting emotions than any other race in the federation. Clever and skilled, castanics are also opportunistic and hot tempered. A castanic never forgets a friend and never abandons an ally. They’re also notoriously quick-tempered and have a tendency to decapitate first and accept apologies later. Castanics are famous for their skill as artisans and crafters. They’re also adept merchants and cunning at negotiation. They love the back and forth of bargaining, and strive to come out on top in every deal.


Castanics are known as a fiery tempered race, though they have found an uneasy niche in the Valkyon Federation. Council decisions against their wishes frequently find castanic factions acting on their own. They take what they can, though they never steal, and they look out for each other. They are willing to work with the Federation for the common good, but only so far as it doesn’t take too long or come at too high of a price. They will be perfectly willing and able to go out on their own if necessary.



In game play and combat, castanic racial traits include Dirty Fighting, which means attacking from behind gives a greater chance to critically hit. Castanics are always light and graceful. They take much less damage from falls than other races. And when crafting metal weapons, castanic passion cuts the work time down significantly.

Castanics are also beautiful, with an exotic, demon-like appearance. They have long, pointed ears, and intricately shaped horns. They’re thought of a sexy and seductive race, with good reason. Their appearance, skills, and lore make for very interesting characters in game, and also for cosplay. Cosplayer The Mirror Melts gives us her version of a battle ready female castanic. Even if you’re completely unfamiliar with the game, there’s a lot to ooh and ahh over here. The armor work is detailed and beautiful, as befitting of a castanic, the gloves and dual swords look fiercely suited for battle. And the white hair against The Mirror Melts warm skin tone calls to mind the tanned look of many castanics. Even the back of the costume is detailed. The Mirror Melts certainly looks the part – beautiful, exotic, lithe, skilled, and deadly.




Photos by: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography