A Fatally Perfect Mortal Kombat Cosplay Group!

Most gamers have played the ever popular combat fighting game named Mortal Kombat. Ever since it’s debut it has been one of the greatest and most famous games around. The game also includes some of the most famous characters, including the three sexy ladies Mileena, Kitana, and Jade. Kitana is a trained princess and killer, Mileena is her mortal enemy, and then there is Jade, Kitana’s longtime friend. They made their on screen appearance in Mortal Kombat II which came to stores in 1993. The ladies have quickly become a sexy sensation to all the Mortal Kombat fans, causing cosplayers to hit the sewing machines.


These lovely, yet deadly ladies have been the inspiration for many amazing cosplays, but these cosplays by the group CCS Cosplay seem to be among the top. The detail and accuracy in each costume is astounding. This group of talented ladies has really pulled this one off, and we are eager to see what other amazing cosplays they come out with. Good job CCS Cosplay!

mortal-kombat-cosplay-3 mortal-kombat-cosplay-4

 Photography by KJC Cosplay Photography




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