A Gorgeous Neon-Powered Delsin Rowe Cosplay

delsin-rowe-cosplay-1Photography by O Liv Photography

Delsin Rowe is constantly torn between making choices of good and evil, climbing all over the city parkour style, and fighting against a large United States corporation built to capture anyone showing signs of superpowers. You see, Delsin is a conduit, he has the ability of Power Absorption, allowing him to use other Conduits’ powers. Using his superpower abilities by manipulating materials such as smoke, video, concrete, and neon, he fights back to disband the D.U.P.


One amazing cosplayer has turned this character into a stunning fem Deslin. That cosplayer is Jessica Huard (known for her kickass shoe line). Jess has captured the character perfectly and beautifully by paying attention to the minor details bringing Deslin to life. The jean jacket, flannel shirt, combat boots, chains, and beanie all crafted together in a way that has us wanting more of this epic cosplay! Not to mention her absolutely adorable smile.. Seriously, I want to take her home! But don’t those dimples fool you.. She’s one bad-ass to be reckoned with!

Written by Guest Contributor: Jessica Jane
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