A Jaw-Dropping Cosplay of Marvel’s Psylocke

Psylocke is a character from the Marvel universe that has been amongst the list of fan favorites for many years now.  As part of the X-Men along with X-Force, Psylocke has supermutant telekinetic abilities that make her a formidable foe.  In addition to the epicness of that alone, she also harnesses incredible swordsman skills that cause her to be an opponent you surely do not want to be up against.


Cosplayer Oki-Cospi makes an excellent Psylocke.  Not only is her purple hair down-pact, but her strappy blue leotard is crafted so perfectly, and fits her extremely well.  Oki-Cospi is one beautiful mutant, and surely shines bright as a talented, dedicated cosplayer.  Be sure to Like Oki-Cospi on Facebook!

psylocke-cosplay-1 psylocke-cosplay-3


Photography by Kings Cosplay and Caqua – RedeemArts