RedClawedRaid cosplaying as Yang

A Kick-Ass RWBY Yang Cosplay

Yang Xiao Long Cosplay from RWBYPhotography by Honeydieu

Yang Xiao Long is a bright and energetic teenage student from the American anime series RWBY. RWBY is an acronym for Red, White, Black, and Yellow; colours for each of the main characters. Yang is yellow, for her bright golden yellow hair.

RedClawedRaid cosplays as Yang Xiao Long

RWBY follows this diverse team of girls as they battle other villains and treacherous monsters. An agile fighter, Yang uses a mix of boxing and kickboxing, in addition to her dual ranged shot gauntlets.

Yang Xiao Long CosplayPhotography by Riot Arms

RadClawedRaid does a spot-on cosplay of Yang Xiao Long. Her golden yellow hair, and the impeccable construction of her costume is a dead ringer for Yang. There is a beautiful combination of her posing, personality, and photography which leads to one amazing kick-ass cosplay.