A Lovely Cosplay of Dota 2’s Lady Lina

Lina the Slayer is a ranged Intelligence hero, adept at destroying enemy heroes quickly by delivering massive bursts of magical damage, making her one of the most effective gankers in the game. The sibling rivalries between Lina the Slayer, and her younger sister Rylai, the Crystal Maiden, were the stuff of legend. The exasperated parents of these incompatible offspring realized life would be simpler if the children were separated. As the oldest, Lina was sent far south to live with a patient aunt in the blazing Desert of Misrule, a climate that proved more than comfortable for the fiery Slayer. Her arrival made quite an impression on the somnolent locals, and more than one would-be suitor scorched his fingers or went away with singed eyebrows, his advances spurned. Lina is proud and confident, and nothing can dampen her flame.


LuckyStrike‘s Lina is beautiful work. The svelte design of this character suits her so well! Her wig work is natural and graceful, and her makeup looks organic. Even her facial expressions are dead on for the fiery Lina. Great work all around – the details are solid, the lines of are clean, and her color blocking is powerful. A fantastic cosplay that looks like fantasy stepped into reality – FANTASTIC JOB!


Photography by Annet Voronaya