A Magically Adorable Tinkerbell Cosplay

Tinker Bell is a small, but feisty, female fairy from the Disney animated classic Peter Pan, which was based on the play and novelization by J.M. Barrie. In the many years since she first graced the screen in 1953, Tinker Bell has become of the main spokes-characters for The Walt Disney Company and one of its most popular and iconic characters. In the original film and the 2002 sequel, Return to Never Land, Tink (as she’s affectionately called by Peter Pan and millions of fans) is a silent, but still extremely expressive, character. It wasn’t until the release of her very own, eponymous, 3D computer animated film that fans got to hear Tinker Bell speak.


Despite Tink’s cute appearance, she’s very independent, opinionated, sassy, stubborn, and hot-tempered. Upon meeting Wendy Darling in the original film, Tinker Bell immediately shows disgust and irritation. She tends to be a little jealous (or a lot) when it comes to Peter’s attention. However, despite occasional bouts of selfishness, she’s devoted and loyal to those whom she loves. And, she’ll come to terms with those she initially resents, should they prove themselves worthy of friendly treatment. Case in point being Wendy.


Tinker Bell is known for her lovely pixie looks and gossamer, dragonfly-esque wings. And fairy dust! It’s that magic dust that allows non-fairies in the Peter Pan stories to fly. Because of Tink’s size, she has a youthful quality to her, but she also can look very ageless. She is a fairy, after all. And a beautiful one, at that. Namiine captures that magical beauty with an incredibly on point Tinker Bell cosplay. Her wig styling is just perfect, and those wings are so stunning. Look how they shine and catch the light in the sun. Excellent work by Namiine and her photographers. The fairy dust makes for the perfect magical touch.

Photography by Benny Cosplay Photography and RAWR-Shootings