A Mesmerizing Cosplay of the Lady of the Forest from Dragon Age: Origins


The Lady of the Forest is a dazzling spirit being from the video game Dragon Age: Origins. This fantastic spirit of the woods dwells with and watches over the werewolves. She acts as both their protector and the one who wishes to aid them in removing their curse. Anger her and she may turn into a magnificent werewolf to defend them.

Dragon Age: Origins, a first person RPG, is the first in a series of Dragon Age games. The story follows your path as a Grey Warden, one from an Order of powerful guardians. Your task is to defend the land from evil forces and unite its people. There is a fantastic level of lore and characters to face which makes this a truly spectacular game.

The Lady of the Forest is fantastic yet revealing costume that takes real courage to portray. Dahlia Thomas has this and more, as her magnificent skills have produced such a fantastic work of art. Mixed with the beautiful backdrop and stunning photography by David Love, there is no better cosplay of this wonderful character!




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