A Neon Pink Murder Massacre: Amazing Yuno Gasai Cosplay!

Future Diary’s pretty, pink-haired protagonist, Yuno Gasai, is quite the unpredictable character. With a super sweet outward appearance and eyes that emit radiance, who would expect young Yuno to be such a methodical, jealous, psychopathic murderer? The only thing that has kept Yuno, for the most part, under control, was the boy she was head-over-heels in love with, Yukiteru. Yet at the same time, he is also the reason why Yuno goes on her rampages- you wouldn’t want to get caught kissing the man that an unstable, deadly, hormonal girl is obsessed with, would you?

yuno-cosplay-2Yuno’s insane brain isn’t fully her fault though. After being constantly tormented and abused by her mother throughout her life and with an absentee father, Yuno gained a hatred for her parents, and because of this hatred, they ended up dead, marking the start of the violent, aggressive Yuno. Yet one person was there for her and showed her love- Yukiteru. And she will do absolutely anything to make sure that he stays with her forever, even if it involves ruthless bloodshed.

yuno-cosplay-3This photoshoot by cosplayer Witchiko is a perfect homage to young Yuno. Capturing her girlishness with the bright pink tint, Yuno could potentially seem innocent, but then add the blood-filled setting and you witness that Yuno is far from it. Now it’s time to go watch Future Diary and witness the jealous brutality for ourselves!




Photography by Anderson Bonioli