A Perfect Cosplay of Sivir from League of Legends

Sivir from Riot Games’ insanely popular MOBA game, League of Legends, is a great damage dealer and can swiftly carry a team to victory when played properly.  Her large boomerang can slice through victims at a fairly long range, making her a wonderfully powerful marksman.  Sivir is known as The Battle Mistress, and with skill and finesse, the player can surely make certain that she lives up to her name.


Talented cosplayer Miyuki Cosplay looks stunning as Sivir.  Her blue armor is expertly crafted, and her large boomerang prop aids to the overall epicness of this masterful cosplay.  Miyuki Cosplay has tons of amazing cosplays, which you can check out by visiting her Facebook page!




Photography by Alive Alf Photography, KH PhotoCos, and Sonicjkevin