A Perfectly Captivating Campanula Cosplay

Campanula is the flying flower monster that Sailor Moon nd the other senshi confront when they fly above the surface of Fiore’s asteroid in the Sailor Moon R film.

She has wings, and has the ability to fly. She also has blades extending from her elbows that can be used for cutting. She is defeated when the senshi perform their “Sailor Planet Power” attack on her.


I am absolutely delighted with this cosplay – a rare Sailor Moon villain that we dont get to see much of! The subtle details here are phenomenal – right down to the long pointed tips of her fingernails. She opted for a more modern bottom here – which for the sake of practicality I feel is a great choice. Her pauldrons reach for the heavens along with her luciously curly and full wig – her Campanula is really out of this world! Great job, Hary-Kyn – show us more Sailor Moon universe!

 Photography by Pugoffka