A Replicant Replica: Epic Cosplay of Blade Runner’s Pris!

In the year 2019, humans bring about a revolutionary technology, known as Replicants. These genetically engineered humans blend in perfectly, and cannot be easily distinguished at a glance. Sent away to off-world colonies, Replicants were created to pick up the slack and replace certain working positions, often dangerous ones, for the human race. Any choosing to take into hiding on Earth are hunted down by the Blade Runners.

One of the runaway Replicants was Pris, a basic pleasure model. Unlike a common worker bee type, poor Pris is seen only as an object. However, she is conniving and able to become very manipulative when she escapes to Earth.

pris-cosplay-2This deadly beauty has been brought back from the early 1980’s by the incredible cosplayer, Crystal Graziano. Graziano has wowed many with her various costumes, but her love for her favorite movie, Blade Runner, speaks volumes. She really resembles the costumed actress, Daryl Hannah, and dons the punky attire and bleach blonde hair with incredible accuracy!


Photography by Big White Bazooka Photography.


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Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz