Sailor Venus Cosplay

A Sailor Venus Cosplay That Brings Minako to Life


There’s nothing better than getting hit with nostalgia, and when one happens upon something Sailor Moon related they’re sure to get ample amounts. Sailor Moon was a popular anime years ago that many ended up falling in love with. With characters one could relate to – each Sailor having her own personality, it wasn’t hard to get attached. Sailor Venus was one of the characters that fans seemed to fall in love with, her adorable demeanor and sunny disposition. The bright colors in her outfit imitating the bright traits in her personality.


On top of it all, Sailor Venus is a bit of a tease and slightly different from the other girls she surrounds herself with because she goes to a different school. Despite the differences in her personality and background, she still fits in with the rest of the crew. With such a relatable personality, it’s no wonder that cosplayers would take to donning Sailor Venus’ orange and blue. Pixie_late is one of those cosplayers, and she has truly brought Sailor Venus to life.


 Photography by Smile250