A Saint Comes Marching in Seductive Cosplay


The Saints are a group of nine female assassins in the game, Hitman, sent to eliminate Agent 47 at Waikiki Inn. They arrive, dressed as nuns, though underneath their robes they are much more risque than a nun would be. Having been trained in torture techniques, hand-to-hand combat, and how to act like a nun. Being some of the only enemies to employ RPGs, they maintained a spotless record until they came up against Agent 47.


Cosplayer tniwe dons the latex outfit chosen by the nuns in a steamy cosplay. Her face is ravishing, with the makeup exactly like in the games and perfectly highlighting her features. Wearing the nun’s wimple and veil, she face is the picture of innocence. Farther down, we reach the sexy outfit, a skin tight black leotard with matching thigh high boots. With a church as a setting, including Jesus on the Cross, Aku photography captures the essence of a saint wonderfully.





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