A Sultry and Elegant Princess Velvet Cosplay


Throwback to Odin Sphere, the 2D fantasy RPG on Playstation 2. Odin Sphere was released back in 2007 and loosely follows the game, Princess Crown. Velvet, Princess of Valentine, is the protagonist of the fifth part of the Odin Sphere game. Players helped Velvet to piece together the prophecies and prevent Armageddon.


Velvet is a girl with a troubled past that has made her resolved and surprisingly kind-hearted. She fosters a deep hatred for her demonic father who she believes seduced her mother. She falls in love with Cornelius despite her brother’s protests and helps him to escape the Underworld in the third book.


Beautiful Russian cosplayer Sorano Suzu brings us a perfectly sultry Princess Velvet cosplay. Sorano has a vast cosplay wardrobe ranging from Death Note’s Light to Xenosaga’s Shion. Outside of cosplay, she also has elegant ball-jointed dolls and a small collection of drawings. Be sure to check out her page to see all of this talented lady’s work!

 Photography by RianaG




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