A Supergirl Cosplay that is Out of this World


Created in 1959 as a counterpart to Superman, Supergirl was introduced to the DC world with a warm reception. Arguably the most popular Supergirl introduced is Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin. She shares both his super powers and his vulnerability to Kryptonite.

Known to us Earthlings as Linda Lee Danvers, Supergirl attended Midvale High School and Stanhope College before having a diverse career life as a new reporter, actress, counselor and more. Recently, Supergirl’s origin was rebooted (yet again) in DC’s New 52 launch.


Beautiful cosplayer, Alicia Migueles, is beyond gorgeous in her Supergirl cosplay. Skilled in cosplay, dramatic arts, and illustration, Alicia is an incredibly gifted lady! She has a wealth of arts knowledge that is apparent in her many cosplays. Go check out her Facebook page to see all of her epic cosplays and more!

 Photography by Jesus Clares




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