A Truly Epic BMO Teemo Crossover Cosplay


You may be wondering what a BMO Teemo cosplay is!? It is a fantastic crossover between Teemo from League of Legends and BMO from Adventure Time. Crossover cosplays are an amazing way to combine characters from your favorite fandoms and just have fun with it. Crossovers truly allow for some talented and imaginative cosplay to come forward.


BMO Teemo was an idea brought up by lovers of League of Legends and Adventure time to create a skin in League of Legends for the Teemo character. Skins are a fantastic way to mix it up when playing a character and the results can bring a whole new level of fun to the game.


All That’s Cosplay’s own Nicole Salera has brought the BMO Teemo to life! This adorable crossover is what cosplay is all about; having fun and being creative. Nicola Salera is a recent member to the All That’s Cosplay team, and we look forward to seeing more of her playfully amazing work come to life!



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