A Truly Kick-Ass Hit Girl Cosplay

Mindy Macready, the eleven year old undergoing rigorous training by day. Hit Girl, the foul mouthed, head strong vigilante by night. It’s safe to say everybody was left with mouth agape after watching the ferocity displayed by the butterfly knife wielding Chloe. Well equipped with an array of devastating weapons, she fights side by side with her former police officer father, Big Daddy. She plays the role of a much shorter Obi-Wan to the green suited Kick-Ass himself, and lends a hand to get his scrawny self out of tight spots. In short, Mr. Macready’s reason for trying to make his daughters life more interesting definitely doesn’t disappoint.


The passion of a cosplayer is always intriguing, but sometimes they reach for such untouchable accuracy, that the final product is nothing short of incredible. Hit Girl cosplayer, Shannon Burckhard, has done almost three years of research to nail each and every piece of her costume. She acquired spot on fabrics for the outfit itself, which are strikingly similar to the textures in the film. She even knows the make and model of every weapon in Mindy’s arsenal. While Hit Girl is a force to be reckoned with in a dark alley, Shannon is equally as skilled in costuming.

hit-girl-cosplay-3 (2)




For more from Shannon, visit her DeviantArt page!

All Photos were taken by: Jason DeSomer



Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz