A Truly Spell-Binding Aion Sorcerer Cosplay


The world of Atreia is filled to the brim with fanciful creatures, powerful warriors, and awe-inspiring magic. Casting powerful spells that always hit their mark, the sorcerers of Atreia are by far the most elegant and commanding class to be played. The mage class featured in the MMORPG Aion, named after the God whom created Atreia, is a beautiful but deadly breed. They are so unique from their counterparts that upon their ascension, members of the class will even earn the ability to display a pair of their own breathtaking wings.


Donned in cloth armor, sorcerers have little need for real protection as they use range attacks cast with the aid of their deadly spellbooks. As a sorcerer any player is guaranteed to wear fantastic and ornate garb that shows off their mage’s magical personality. Such clothing is especially unique in Aion, giving the player endless freedom in their choices of outfits and style. For cosplayers this is both an exciting and terrifying prospect. With so much intricate work and small detailing these types of costumes can take years to perfect. These fantastical characters are brought to life using talent and dedication that not every cosplayer possesses. But when they do, truly beautiful art is created.


One such costume was created by the immensely talented Miyuki Cosplay. Her take on a female Eloys-race sorceress is as enchanting and stunning as the game itself. In a much bigger undertaking than her previous cosplays, Miyuki exceeds expectations and creates her best costume yet. The cherry on the top of this cosplay is that Miyuki made the brave decision to go the extra mile and create a pair of immense and awe-inspiring wings. The photos taken by Vivid Vision photography capture the beauty of this sorceress in a very enchanting way, bringing the cosplay to life.

Photography by Vivid Vision