A Variety of Awesome Changes Are Coming to Minecraft

Minecraft is getting a plethora of new changes soon, developer Mojang announced. At a panel during this year’s London Minecon (which you can see below), the developer revealed that a future update will enable players to dual wield weapons. This feature will enable players to take any two items and wield them in both hands, enabling players to dual wield anything from diamond swords to axes, though the developer did say that dual wielding would be a lot more dangerous. However, for those who want to be able to defend themselves will be happy to know that this update will also let players to protect themselves with shields.

In addition, it was also revealed that enchanted arrows would be coming to Minecraft as well, though they won’t be ready to go in time for the next update, as the team still needs time to tweak and properly balance them. There are also plans to add buffs and debuffs at the bottom of the screen so that players don’t have to bring up the menu every time to see what buffs and debuffs they have. Minecraft is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita.