Adorable Sakura Kasugano Shows Us How an Epic Cosplay is Done!


Of all the fighting games out there today, Street Fighter still has to be one of the best! After all, it has some of the best characters to kick ass and take names with, such as the adorable, yet fierce, young Japanese schoolgirl, Sakura Kasugano. Always eager to learn more, Sakura loves street fighting to become a stronger and more focused combat master. Of course, every schoolgirl has a soft side; Sakura also enjoys cooking, basketball, track and field, and even spending some of her free time playing video games.


When it comes to capturing the essence of a character’s personality, the adorable and talented cosplay artist, Nadya Sonika has certainly set the bar as she shows the world how an epic cosplay is done! It takes great craftsmanship skills, an ability to personify the character’s personality, and of course an awesome photographer to truly create an epic cosplay worthy of some street credit in the cosplay community; all of which you can see here in Nadya’s spunky cosplay of Sakura Kasugano.


Sakura is typically seen fighting in her school’s uniform. Here you can see that Nadya has crafted a spot-on reduplication of Sakura’s usual fighting attire. Wearing a white and blue schoolgirl outfit that is accented with a yellow bola tie, a red undershirt, bloomers, and converse, Nadya looks absolutely adorable as she strikes her best fighting pose. While she may look like a cutesy schoolgirl, her white headband from Ryu certainly gives her that true fighter look, and anyone who has ever crossed her path in a match can attest that she is equally as focused and dangerous during combat as she is cheerfully energetic and friendly around campus.


To see more of Nadya’s cosplay work, visit her Facebook, Twitter, and webpage!
Photography by Lu Guevara.


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Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi