Adorable Super Sonico Cosplay Gets Us Ready for Summer

Photography by Marco Palmieri


Super Sonico is everywhere when it comes to the world of cosplay.  Starting off as a spokesmodel in Japan, Super Sonico later morphed into epic proportions, even receiving her own anime and a huge line of various figurines for fans to have a piece of Sonico in their homes.  Super Sonico has made costume variations, making her a perfect source of inspiration when it comes to cosplay.


One of Super Sonico’s most popular looks is her pool-ready ensemble, featuring a white bikini and of course her signature pink hair and silver headphones.  This cosplay by LimieNatz is the true essence of Sonico herself– she looks innocent, sweet, and alluring at the same time.  We love this cosplay, and if you do too, be sure to check out LimieNatz’s Facebook page for even more incredible cosplays!

sonico-cosplay-3Photography by Alessandro Casini Photography