Adorable Toad Cosplay is the Darling of the Mushroom Kingdom

Toad, in addition to being Princess Peach’s attendant, has been a protector of the Mushroom Kingdom for a very long span of time. Toad mainly acts as a supporting character, aiding Mario and Luigi on their adventures in addition to the Princess.

Kristen Hughey looks absolutely gorgeous as Toad in a cute and fashionable take on the classic Toad design. The beautiful lace-up detailing on her top, the open design of her white pants, and the red heels all add a distinctly feminine touch to this cosplay. She even has a red and white spotted toadstool hat to complete her look. Kristen Hughey truly scintillates as Toad, bringing a fresh and fashionable take to a well-beloved character.



Photography by Jay Hooker Images