An Adorably Feisty Holiday Harley Quinn Cosplay

With cheerful holiday songs playing on the radio and in the countless over packed retail stores that are filled with last minute shoppers who need to find those last few special gifts to complete their holiday shopping lists, there is no doubt that Christmas is here! Of course, we have picked out some great holiday cosplays in honor of spreading holiday cheer.

Of all the possible holiday cosplays, one wouldn’t expect Gotham City’s own little wild prankster, Harley Quinn to be one who would enjoy waiting patiently for Santa Clause to bring her every gift on her wish list! After all, not only did she probably not make Santa’s “Nice” list, we all know that Harley Quinn would probably just take everything she wanted as she hopped around with a jolly bounce in her step.


Yet, busy Argentina cosplay artist, Thecrystalshoe, has managed to squeeze in a little time between finales and preparing for the holidays work with photographer SeviYummy to capture these adorably feisty Holiday Harely Quinn photos that we absolutely love!Harley seems so innocent as she is waiting for her Puddin’ to hurry down the chimney!

Thecrystalshoe has crafted an adorably delectable holiday version of Harley Quinn’s signature black and red suite by adding soft puffy white winter accents to her warm soft velvet suite and hat. With her bright blue eyes beaming out from behind her black mask and her adorable bright red smile that pops perfectly against her bright white face, Thecrystalshoe has us seeing Harley in a new and more festive light.



Photography by SevyYummy.



 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi

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