Adore this Stunning Cosplay of Disney’s Belle

Belle is the female star of Disney’s 30th animated film, Beauty and the Beast. It’s a tale as old as time, an iconic fairy tale that was once told around the home and hearth to young girls who were like to leave the safety of their family and village to marry an older stranger. The moral of the story is that a man may look beastly or unpleasant, but have a kind and gentle heart underneath his seemingly unattractive exterior.

In Disney’s version, Belle is the book-loving, adventure-longing daughter of an eccentric inventor. She and her father are regarded as outcasts by their village due to their nonconformity. Her father is seen as a kook, and Belle longs for something more than her provincial life. When her father is imprisoned by the Beast (a selfish prince who has been transformed by a spell), Belle sacrifices her freedom in exchange for his. Beast becomes smitten with Belle and realizes that she can undo the curse if they fall in love in a relatively quick, storybook fashion. In time, Belle does fall in love with the Beast, and the curse is undone in the last possible moment.


Belle was inspired by the women’s rights movement and was developed as a strong, brave heroine. Screenwriter Linda Woolverton wanted her to be very different from Ariel of The Little Mermaid, and conceived the character as a feminist response to the negative reception Disney had received for the studio’s depiction of women. One of Disney’s most beloved and iconic characters, Belle became the only animated heroine to be nominated for the American Film Institute’s greatest heroes in film ranking.

Belle may be a fictional, animated, princess, but there is a depth and timelessness to her that many relate to. Many young women are still frustrated by their small town lives and uninterested in the modern equivalent of suitors like Gaston. Many still find their escape in books, or the internet, and dream of a more exciting life. Cosplayer Miss Alice Monster showcases Belle’s timelessness with this excellent portrayal. The costume, the book, the basket, the hair, and the setting are all perfection. Excellent photography and modeling work as well. Miss Alice Monster looks beautiful, and so much like Belle. The whole package of the cosplay, Alice’s poses and expressions, and the photography really tell a story.



Photography by Xenolink Photography