Adventure Time’s Marceline Receives Beautiful Cosplay Portrayal!

Adventure Time follows the humorous journeys of Finn, as he saves many a princess from the evil Ice King. He’s got a slew of quirky pals by his side, one being the musically inclined Vampire, Marceline, who knows quite a bit about the cranky king from her past.

marcy-cosplay-3Cosplayer Amanda Finely portrayed a ‘pre Finn’ Marceline. Still rocking the incredibly long black hair and pale skin, she captures some touching moments in this Adventure Time photoshoot. With soft expressions and a melancholy vibe, she intrigues! Simon Petrikov, cosplayed by her friend Michael Burckley, joins Amanda in re-telling some heavy hearted scenes. Together they accomplished a very theatrical portrayal of these characters- and we’re loving it!



Photography by Starrfall.




Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz