This Ahri Cosplay Doesn’t Need Spells to Charm Us

“Should I make your pulse rise? Or.. STOP!” Ahri from League of Legends was once a fox with a longing to become human and connect to the world of magic. Her transition to a more human form has come at the cost of the human lives she has seduced with her beauty and magic. Her service with the League of Legends has enabled her to pursue her desires without sacrificing her hard earned humanity.

League of Legends has become a major hit among the gaming community providing something for everyone. It’s action packed strategy games are addicting to say the least. No matter your play style, there is a character to fit you best.


SoGoodbye’s cosplay of Ahri is spot on.  From the costume design to her tantalizing beauty, her knowledge of the character is apparent through her portrayal. The personality she brings to the character charms us right toward her. SoGoodbye has done an amazing job constructing the costume and her handiwork is beautifully detailed. This Nine-Tailed Fox has got our attention and we can’t stay away.


Photography by Lulu.


Written by Guest Contributor: Caeron