Ahri Cosplay Will Sweep You with Her Charm

Ahri strongly felt the magic of the world around her. Even as a fox she knew that she was born into the wrong form, destined for more. One fateful day she stumbled upon the remnants of a deadly battle, a field strewn with corpses. One man was not yet dead, however. She neared him and felt a surge of magic and she drew his life essence into her. Realizing she had transformed into a human, Ahri traveled, using her feminine charms to entice men and steal their life force in order to sustain her human form. The more she stole, the more human she became. The more human she became, the more guilt she felt about what she was doing. Enlisting in the League of Legends for help, she was promised to be made permanently human as long as she fought.


One of the most iconic and seductive outfits is the French Maid outfit. Blondiee Gaming took this, as well as French Maid Nidalee, as inspiration for her French Maid Ahri Cosplay. Wearing a black and white maids outfit, she is fit to clean the house or seduce the latest male visitor. White knee high stockings adorned with a bow and black wedges up the va-va-voom factor. Long black hair, white tails and white kitty ears finish off the costume perfectly.

Photography by Pixels of Shae