Ahri Joins the Woad Crew in Stellar Cosplay

woad-ahri-cosplay-1Photography by Sadarex

Ahri is one champion from League of Legends that many people will not forget once encountering her. With massive burst and high mobility, she will knock you out before you even land a hit. Don’t forget her sustain as well as her charm, and no I don’t mean her ravishing good looks. While Ahri is an attractive champion to play with, her skins do not please everyone.

woad-ahri-cosplay-2Photography by VH-Visions

One such person who loved Ahri but wanted to design a new skin was Mowky Cosplay. Drawing inspiration from Woad skinned champions and set to work design her costume. The final result is amazing. With nine white tails striped with light blue trailing behind her and a matching orb, she is ready to lay down some damage. In brown attire edged with white fur with matching spiked arm guards, she sticks to the nature theme represented in the Woad skins. Detailed blue markings cover her face and her arms, while cute white ears poke out of gorgeous red hair. Not only did Mowky Cosplay create a fantastic costume but she didn’t lose Ahri’s personality and character.

woad-ahri-cosplay-3Photography by Harrasaki Photographie

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