Ahri Will Become a Champion of Your Heart in This Beautiful Cosplay

There’s no denying that League of Legends is a popular title — it being a free to play MOBA. There’s something about free that tends to reel people in, but it’s the champions and the gameplay that keeps them around. With more than a couple of handfuls of champions to choose from — whether they’re free for the week, free all the time, or have been purchased, it’s hard not to find a favorite. Often times, players hit their groove with one or two of these champions, opting to play as them any chance they get. There’s that, or sometimes you grow attached to a champion no matter how well or badly you play as them. With the lore that League of Legends has, these champions have truly been developed into something that players can either relate to or love — their background stories giving them a sense of life.


Through the numerous champions one might me able to choose from Ahri is one of them and she’s quite adorable. Don’t let her looks fool you though, as she’s more than capable of taking care of herself. Ahri knows what it’s like to be different, always feeling a pull to the magical world — unlike the other foxes of southern lonia. Something within the fox longed to be more — more human, and after stumbling upon a fight between two men her wish came true. Ahri turned into the half human, half fox being that players have grown accustomed to.


It’s obvious that Ahri is a woman who knows what she wants and — despite happenstance, has taken advantage of her new form. She’s determined, amongst other things, and her traits are something that anyone would want to take as their own. One way to do this is to cosplay as Ahri, taking on her attributes by taking on her look and essentially becoming the foxy lady.


Of course numerous cosplayers have dressed as her, but only a few deserve high praises. Moon Farron Cosplay more than deserves top remarks, as her take on Ahri is flawless. There’s something seductive about it, but also pure and innocent — something not everyone can achieve in one cosplay. Moon Farron Cosplay has done it though, and she’s done an absolutely beautiful job with Ahri.

Photography by Saffels Photography