Aladdin Cosplays Will Bring You to Your Knees

Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah. Her life is full of riches, but there is one thing that her plush life could never give her; freedom. She was never allowed to socialize with the workers in the palace, and she was never allowed to leave, so she became lonely. Fortunately, a street rat named Aladdin saved her from her misery, and the rest is history.

I had always fantasized about what it would have been like if Jasmine had chose Jafar over Aladdin. Ladylili Cosplay sates that curiosity. This stunning French girl looks stunning in Jasmine’s slave costume and her partner in crime, Aokiji Cosplay looks equally as amazing! The two show great chemistry, and I love how Aokiji grabs Ladylili’s chin in a more romantic way than you would expect if you have watched the Disney movies. Truly amazing job! Be sure to check out her Facebook page to see all of her other Disney princesses!

Photography by Michael Dominguez Photographie