Aladdin Transforms from Street Rat to Beauty in this Epic Cosplay!


Since the release of Aladdin in 1992, people everywhere have fallen in love with the story, music, and the beautifully designed characters. Disney really created a magical world full of mystery and, best of all, high flying carpet rides. The movie follows the journey of a poor but kind hearted thief named Aladdin. Aladdin sets out to not only impress the girl but also to defeat the evil Jafar. Aladdin really discovers who he is and who he wants to be in the movie. He takes risks and decides that he is not afraid to be seen for who he truly is, even if that means losing Jasmine, the one he truly loves.


“Street Rat” – No one is going to buy that with this amazing cosplay of Aladdin by Gennadia. With skill and grace Gennadia makes the perfect Aladdin. Throughout the movie Aladdin was constantly scaling walls, climbing, and trying to escape, all while barefoot (he was a thief after all)! Gennadia really captured Aladdin’s look and signature moves but her beauty shines through and really resembles that of Jasmine. I am absolutely astonished by the poses that she was able to hold for these picture. She makes holding herself up in awkward positions and scaling walls look effortless. The scenery in the images are breathtaking and the colors really pop.


The photographer Sabetskaya did a spectacular job in capturing an absolutely perfect Aladdin-esque look on Gennadia’s face. Everything in these photos taken by Sabetskaya of Gennadia just reminds me so much of the movie. Gennadia is truly skilled and if you would like to see more of her amazing cosplay follow her on WorldCosplay!


Written by Guest Contributor: NerdGirlBritt
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