Alice: Madness Returns Comes To Life With The Help Of Cosplay

The classic fairytale Alice in Wonderland was an an odd but very intriguing adventure following a young, innocent, blonde hair and blue eyed girl named Alice down a mysterious rabbit hole. Our mind boggles with hers as we face talking flowers, a mad hatter and a queen of hearts who is obsessive about chopping one’s head off. The story and Alice’s character has had many changes since it was published. She has been transformed into a cartoon by Walt Disney in 1951. Made into a sex object by Grimm Fairy Tale’s Return to Wonderland comic in 2007. We have even seen Tim Burton’s version of her in his Alice in Wonderland film in 2010 where we saw her world come to life.

alice - cosplay

Her most interesting twist was in American McGee’s Alice video game made in 2000, a very cynical and dark look at Alice’s life after the death of her family. In 2011 the sequel to this game, Alice: Madness Returns was released for consoles with improved graphics, stellar gameplay mechanics, and a whole new world to explore. This spawned amazing areas to gander at, and more scary looking monsters to fight with. Now sporting dark hair and a blood-stained dress, Alice wields her main weapon, the Vorpal blade, a sharp and intricately carved knife. Who would have thought of seeing her as a slashing maniac, destroying giant monster teapots? With Alice changing from a sweet and innocent young girl to a murderous girl on a rampage, we see a very different, darker costume design in Alice: Madness Returns. Here is an amazing cosplayer, Anna Ormeli, conveying American McGee’s Alice.

alice - cosplay - 1




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Written by Guest Contributor: AlienQueen