Alice Takes a Walk in the Woods in Fanciful Cosplay


Alice from Alice in Wonderland is an iconic figure in literature. First published in 1865, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was a fantastical tale of a young girl who fell down a rabbit hole into the magical world of Wonderland. Filled with talking animals and flowers, she encountered its unusual inhabitants on her search for the White Rabbit.


Alice has received many variations on her basic blue and white dress. Pinkie Bunny Cosplay ramps up the sex appeal while keeping it cute with her take. Donning white thigh high stockings and black pumps, she is ready to traverse new and exciting worlds. With blonde hair held back by a black ribbon she is the picture of adorableness. Her dress is pretty much the same as in the animated movie, but shorter. On the apron part of the dress are the suites of cards, often representing her time with the Red Queen and her court. Pinkie Bunny Cosplay offers us a fresh take on Alice while keeping it simple and refined.



Photography by Federico Sosa



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