Alien: Isolation Developers are Focusing on ‘Sounds of Terror’


Sound is incredibly important in games. It creates an atmosphere for you as the player and builds you up for what’s just around the corner. This is especially the case for horror games. The team behind Alien: Isolation are focusing on sound to create ‘sounds of terror’ to bring the real feel of the Alien films to consoles and create a feeling you won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

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The designers, The Creative Assembly, have access to the original 1979 Alien film’s audio files to incorporate into the newest addition of the franchise, so they won’t stray too far from the movie. They have also said that you will have to rely on sounds in order to stay alive within the game. Within Isolation there will be times when you are being relentlessly stalked by the xenomorph A.I, in which your ability to listen out for sound will be challenged in order to get through the levels. Not only will this put you on the edge of your seats, it’s going to create an incredible amount of tension and pressure.

Can you imagine the atmosphere and sheer horror you’re going to feel when you get your hands on this game? I sure can!